Elections are held at the end of every Winter semester – where the fellow Communication Studies and Cultural Studies students are able to vote for a committee that they believe will serve them to their best abilities. We perform the elections base on our by-laws that you can find in our “About” page.

These are the following positions that the Coms Guild holds: 

  1. The President
  2. The Vice-President of Academic Affairs
  3. The Vice-President of Internal/External Affairs
  4. The Vice-President of Social Affairs and Sustainability
  5. The Vice-President of Communications
  6. The Vice-President of Cultural Studies
  7. The Vice-President of Finance

Here’s is the Nomination form: MA-Nomination Forms for COMS GUILD

The COMS Guild holds by-elections at the beginning of the fall semester every year. They are to select the years ‘First Year Representatives’ as well as all other positions that have availability.